A high quality renovation project shared by the couple of illustrious architects Tommaso Botta and Eleonora Castagnetta located in the historic centre of Mendrisio, a small village in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland.
Outside, the building’s pre-existing construction has been preserved, while inside, the interior has been largely gutted in order to create the larger spaces better suited to contemporary living.
“Our search for a way to connect with the exterior has been constant,” Botta observes. The effects of heights aligned with its physical surroundings make up the big plus-point of the project, since it is completely impossible from the outside to guess at the surprise awaiting inside.
The first thing that strikes one is the generosity of the double-height sitting room, followed by the sheer pleasure of all of the details. Wooden panelling, in lightly bleached oak, restores discipline and continuity to the rooms by camouflaging wardrobes and doors. The choice of the Roman Travertine in light colour (Chiaro) for all the floors of the house and the bathroom coverings illustrates the search for a warm, almost ancestral domestic atmosphere.
A quality of life incorporating the influence of twenty-first century technology.