The exceptional know-how handed down over several generations has been rigorously preserved in our original workshop in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, where special orders are still made today.
The first workshop was founded by the three Testi brothers: Riccardo, Claudio and Gustavo, sons of the owner of local marble quarries Piero Testi. In the years that followed, the third generation developed other important activities under the TESTIGROUP brand, which today has become one of the main Italian producers in the natural stone sector, well-known internationally.
The four production companies of which it consists, offer customers the most advanced technology, associated with the skilful and artistic craftsmanship practiced every day with passion by highly qualified workers.
This operating structure enables us to meet any market requirements, offering a complete 360° production cycle:

  • Sale of natural slabs of marble, granite, travertine, basalt, onyx in hundreds of different colours
  • Production of floors, wall cladding, stairs, ventilated walls, columns, doorways, fireplace frames, tables, fountains, sculptures and design products for different sectors: hotels, wellness centres, private villas, yachts, cruise ships, shopping centres, residential centres, skyscrapers, churches, historical monuments, and much more.
  • Surveys on site, study and development of cutting schedules, design support for all details relating to natural stone
  • Innovative Deep Treatment Method to provide high degree of stone protection
  • Dry-Lay of material for inspection and approval.
  • Installation of interiors and exteriors worldwide

The high professionalism and experience reached in the sector allows the TESTI group to maintain a dialogue with architects and specialists, guaranteeing the final client a project of the highest quality which is far higher than the market average.


Organization chart


ISO 9001 System Certification – QUALITY management system

TESTI was the first Group in Europe in the Natural Stone sector to achieve ISO 9001 quality certification in the Vision 2000 version and for this success they also won an award in 2002 from the Industrial Association of Verona Province.
The management of the entire production process, from orders to finished products, complies with the quality system, ensuring reliability of finished products and fulfilment of contractual agreements with customers. The raw materials are carefully selected, examined and classified according to parameters of constancy of the fundamental characteristics of the product.
The ongoing selection and assessment of suppliers is based on criteria of reliability from the perspectives of quality, environmental protection, and respect for international regulations. We collaborate with certified companies constantly monitored by the TESTI Group to ensure qualitative synergy along the entire production chain.
The machinery and tools are of the very latest generation and are continuously updated to enhance our product quality. They are monitored during every stage of work and checks are always traceable right through the production chain. Our machinery integrates perfectly with the professionalism and experience of the staff to achieve the best possible quality standards. In relation to the overall efficiency of the company, final users play an important role for orienting company decisions as regards the products and services provided. Regular meetings of the sales section, questionnaires and market analyses underlie a company strategy founded on customer satisfaction.

ISO 45001 System Certification –


TESTI Group has obtained ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety at work.
TESTI Group has always been committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and prevention for workers throughout its supply chain, in order to create an extremely safe and comfortable working environment.