A modern 6-star wellness centre designed by Archistar Mario Botta, located in Arosa, a Swiss municipality in the Canton of Graubünden, with an extraordinary geographical configuration in the shape of a natural basin bordered by mountains. A site of the eternal juxtaposition of humankind and nature.
The entire complex is hidden in the ground thus allowing the spread of vegetation which captures natural light during the day and radiates it at night. The interior space is presented as a single large terraced room, which follows the gradient of the slope and is covered in Duke White granite, thus creating the impression of being immersed in a beautiful grotto of crystal clear water. Outside, the large natural split wall links the new structure to the existing hotel.
The use of majestic Duke White granite is particularly important aesthetically and technically in this context because of its exceptional quality both externally for cold climates and internally for swimming pools and spas.