“I’ve had several totems in my life,” says the designer, remembering his days as an American Football player, where it was important to train each and every day, so that certain movements became muscle memories.
“Being of West African origin, I grew up with masks and statues around me that led to a feeling of reverence. I wanted to bring this feeling into this calendar”.
To draw the calendar, Archibong took inspiration from the dolmens, as well as from the tribal handicrafts that he remembered as a strong influence on his youthful self. The simple silhouette he has created recalls this sense of respect, a spirituality that transcends different cultures. For this reason, stone seems to be the ideal material from which to create your own altar to serenity. The days of the month, represented by 31 components made of Creole Beige stone, are ritually inserted day by day in the special grooves of the shaped monolith in Nero Assoluto granite

Ini Archibong Designer