Pasquale Basile, born in Messina, lives and works in Terracina. He has taken part in major group shows and set up numerous solo shows in Italy and abroad. He is essentially a ‘Hellenic’ artist, as understood in the geometric sense of the word. In every aspect of his creations, the Sicilian artist manages to achieve a homogeneous linguistic continuum despite his use of different media.
The artist’s work meanders ceaselessly as he researches and experiments with his overall theme and focus, that of Mediterranean culture.


Il Volo [The Flight]

Il Volo represents the head of a female figure, at once light and full-bodied, whose figure is silhouetted against a rather surprising backdrop. Hanging in the VIP salon of the Italian pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, it represents the symbolic image of the Italian campaign for DESD (Decade of Education for Sustainable Development) promoted by UNESCO, which aims to combine the Italian talent for inhabiting traditional spaces for aggregation with scientific innovation geared towards using eco-materials.


Angelus Misericordiale [Merciful Angelus]

Finished at the end of the recent Jubilee of Mercy, this work, which was delivered to Pope Francis, depicts “an angel intent on explaining the gift of mercy through a face with a head of hair in the shape of wing as a representation of the hand of God. A downward image that expresses God’s will not only in forgiving, but also in understanding. This is the inversion of the concept of the direction of prayers, which now come from God, through the angel, to reach the whole of humanity”.
A monumental sculpture, more than three metres high – the perfect expression of that Mercy which the Pope himself has defined as “the ultimate and supreme act with which God comes to meet us”.