Eros Valente was born in Udine in 1937. As a boy he grew up in Afro’s atelier but moved to Milan where he enrolled on a course on economics and business. However, almost at the same moment, he was offered the chance to meet the Rector of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, who convinced him, after seeing his works, to immediately start the course in sculpture there. Despite this, he was offered – and accepted – a professional assignment in Milan outside the artistic world, having decided at that point not to become known as an artist – although he continued to experiment and produce artistic work ceaselessly.

It was only in the mid-eighties, at the insistence of a gallery owner, that he rather timorously decided to put himself forward. In 1985 in Treviso in the Italian national competition for figurative arts, he won first prize for sculpture and painting. In 1988 in Milan, he also won the Italian Premio Nazionale ARTE, silver plate; in 1989, a personal exhibition in the U.S. and many others until arriving recently in Villa Varda in Brugnera, in Rome at Palazzo Ferraioli and at Piazza Colonna in front of Palazzo Chigi. His works are to be found in the museums of Villa Franchetti in Treviso, in the Museum of the Castle of Portofino, in the Juris & Perl Gallery in Venice and in private collections in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovenia and especially in the USA.