Luxurious project designed by Architect Massimiliano Camoletto of UdA Architects.
In a place where nature as we know it does not exist, architecture itself becomes NATURE: nothing faux or imitation, just elements sculpted and shaped by the wind and storms like a desert rose. The facade in Moleanos stone with a three-dimensional model conveys the concept to perfection.
Not merely a house, but an oasis. It is a piece of cityscape in a setting where the city has almost no urban features. Every building is the recomposition of a myriad of different materials torn from the Earth’s bowels or surface. Here, more than ever, marble, stone and the configuration of the structures and facades combine to evoke the eternal battle between humankind and the chaos of the earth, and the desire to reorganize space and matter into something of significance. Sometimes the contrast is no more than merely visible, but at others it is frankly and openly proclaimed. Water is a material on a par with stone. Marble can be more comfortable than fabric. And what appears to be introversion or closure can reveal un-looked-for openings and points of escape for both eye and spirit. Hyper-reality and emptiness in coexistence.