Claude Rutault was born in 1941 in Trois Moutiers, Vienne. He lives and works in Paris.
In 1973, when he started to decorate his kitchen, Claude Rutault decided to depict a painting hanging on the walls while doing this.
It was from that moment that his canvases took the name of: definition/method (d/m), a programme that allowed him to create “himself”. Claude Rutault’s painting is based on the instructions given by the artist to the collector: the text defines a goal to be achieved (d/m1), but leaves to the person in charge the choice of how to execute it (d / m 70) – something that usually belongs to the artist.
A canvas stretched on a painted frame of the same colour as the wall on which it hangs.
All commercially available standard sizes can be used, whether rectangular, square, round or oval. The hook is traditional.
Claude Rutault is represented by the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery.


1% Artistique – Pavillon Dufour

Claude Rutault’s work is exhibited in the area connecting the castle’s galleries with the park in one of Pavillon Dufour’s concourses – a place to pause between the building’s interior and exterior. The work is composed of a succession of slabs of different marbles of irregular cut. The wall on which they are anchored is painted in a colour similar to that of its surrounding environs. Above are three painted canvases of the same colour as the wall and two marble slabs. The dialogue between marble and painting expresses the artist’s obsession for contrasting the painted with the non-painted.