Albin Moroder was born in Knottner in 1922. He is the son of Otto and Anna Moroder and the grandson of painter Josef
Moroder Lusenberg. He grew up in the Zillertal, where since childhood he exhibited a great passion for wood
and sculpture: so much so that his father sent him to the school to learn the art of sculpture in Innsbruck, where
also he attended anatomy courses at the Medical University of Innsbruck.
Very soon Moroder felt the need to simplify his creations and make them modern. His main theme is crucifixion. The materials used are mainly wood and bronze. His works are on display in major exhibitions in Vienna, Paris, London and Salzburg.
In 1948 he had the opportunity to study in England where he met the sculptor Henry Moore, with whom he began a collaboration.
In 1994 he was given the title of Professor by the Austrian President, and in November 2005 he was received by Pope Benedict XVI in private audience, to whom he donated a crucifix. In the same year he began collaborating with TESTI GROUP to create his works in marble.
Albin Moroder continued to be creative until 2007, the year of his death.